NaPoWriMo ~ catching up


In case you don’t know, April is National Poetry Month. It’s also National Poetry Writing Month, or NaPoWriMo, to the cognoscenti. And I’m behind! Something  about moving halfway across country, an expected new grandson, a dead dog… Sheesh!

So here’s the NaPoWriMo first prompt. FYI: here’s the link to the prompts. Great ones! Today’s poem actually is the ‘prequel’ to NaPoWriMo, a prompt for early birds. I know: I’m NOT one!’s today’s haibun, a Japanese haiku/prose poem mashup. Enjoy!

Spring haibun
Across the street, one roseate dogwood buds to blossom. A green backdrop unrolls down the hill behind. This small town has its own rural rhythm, remembering when it was new.

pink cherry blossoms
sift in drifts through the warm air
spring falls on the grass

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