About the writer ~

imageBritton Gildersleeve lives on the East Coast, although she didn’t always. She grew up in a house with bars on the windows, a third culture kid in a city long ago & far away. Even the name has been changed, perhaps to protect the guilty. Years spent living on the margins ~ in places with exotic names and food shortages — have left her with a visceral response to folks ‘without’ ~ a broad term that describes many needs.

A writer since she could hold a pencil, Gildersleeve has published her work in numerous national journals, in addition to her 3 chapbooks. For more than 25 years she has taught writing, to elementary, middle school, high school, university, and adult learners ~ 2nd graders to 94-year-olds.

Gildersleeve believes that the arts can help heal us, make us better people, and connect us despite differences. She also believes in Buddhism lived in an engaged fashion, and the magic of tea. Preferably shared from a tea tray, with cookies ~

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