Coming soon, to a blog near you: watch this space ~

Watch this space

So here it is, almost mid-March. Which means: National Poetry Month (& my birthday!) are just around the corner! As is the birth of my 2nd grandson. A BIG month!

Baby brother, as we’re calling him (since he has a wonderful BIG brother), is due on an exceptionally auspicious day: April 23rd. The birthday of two important men in my life: Shakespeare (which you may already know), and my father. Far more important to me personally!
For a poet, having her birthday in April is the best of luck. Or (if you don’t believe in lucky stars), exceptionally good karma. All month there’s talk of poetry, & I don’t have to apologise for being such a poetry nerd.

Here’s my request: you should begin thinking now about joining me in writing a poem a day during National Poetry Month. Formally known as National Poetry Month (NaPoWriMo), April is the month when poets worry far less about is this good or bad and more about just cranking out material. After all, we can spend May on revising, right?

Since I gave up FB for Lent (you can find all about it here), I’m hoping you’ll post your poems in the comments on my own posts. How much fun is it to read other folks’ daily efforts? So start thinking poetic thoughts. ฀ Or – more useful! – begin taking notes of the crows circling above you, the green tips of grass breaking through winter’s brown. Try to remember the dream you had last night, and why it stays with you. Begin stretching those poetic muscles! I can’t wait til next month! And not just because it’s NaPoWriMo, and my birthday. I expect I’ll have a LOT to write about ~

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