A sonnet for my mother ~

This week, coming up to Mother’s Day, I’ve been reading poems on and about mothers. Forgetting that I’ve written several myself, for my own mother. Many address her gradual spiral into the darkness of Alzheimer’s, but this one less so. Instead? It’s an ode to her love of sweet Southern tea, iced or hot, with … Continue reading A sonnet for my mother ~

Hope is the thing ~

This is the Summer issue of one of my favorite magazines (& not just because I have an essay in this issue, on p. 42!). It consistently features Oklahoma, in all our messy past, present & possible futures. It’s won so many awards that if my dear friend (& excellent editor) Carla Walker wore them … Continue reading Hope is the thing ~

In the rear view window ~NaPoWriMo day 29

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt almost wrote the poem by itself. That’s perhaps the best thing about prompts: they somehow tap in to images/ experiences/ memories et al that otherwise might remain subterranean. Here’s the prompt: “Imagine a window looking into a place or onto a particular scene. It could be your childhood neighbor’s workshop, or a … Continue reading In the rear view window ~NaPoWriMo day 29

on the occasion of the pink moon ~ NaPoWriMo day 25

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt was another that, while it initially stumped me (an occasional poem? what occasion??), ultimately worked for me. Here’s the prompt: “…write an “occasional” poem. What’s that? Well, it’s a poem suited to, or written for, a particular occasion. This past January, lots of people who usually don’t encounter poetry got a dose … Continue reading on the occasion of the pink moon ~ NaPoWriMo day 25

Skeltonic Doggerel for Trin & Milo ~ NaPoWriMo Day 16

Here’s my piece of nonsense verse for day 16 of NaPoWriMo. The prompt was great fun, as I love children’s verse, with dancing rhyme and metre! This thumps a bit, but it was still fun! Here’s the prompt: “Skeltonic, or tumbling, verse. In this form, there’s no specific number of syllables per line, but each … Continue reading Skeltonic Doggerel for Trin & Milo ~ NaPoWriMo Day 16


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