NaPoWriMo, day 12 ~

Today’s prompt worked! Check it out at NaPoWriMo ~ the marriage of a dictionary of classical terms and names, and a dictionary of science fiction. See what you think:

On the wings of a bluebird ~

Pliny says Dandon lived 500 years

one-half a millennia, seven

of my lifetimes. Each one born

into a timeline of difference

where what you knew before 

no longer matters. 

What did Dandon make

of lives that spiraled through

other worlds? Cities named

for new gods, rivers sleeping 

in new beds…nothing stays 

the same.

I have lived the seven lives

of a bird, perhaps a bluebird

my grandmother’s harbinger

of happiness. Each of my lives

first fledged, then spiralling in

flight. Like Dandon, with wings. 

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