NaPoWriMo day 3 ~

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt is fascinating! In order to complete it, I had to make a ‘personal deck‘: a list of 100 words (preferably written on index cards, although I wrote them in my journal instead). The directions are very specific: so many sensory words; a few of this kind, a few of that… Mine included birds (raven! crow!), petrichor (the smell of rain), meadow, jagged…And tea, of course!

That part alone was great fun, just seeing what I wrote down — the words should be relevant to your own life, obviously. But then NaPoWriMo has you take it one step further: if you followed directions, and did the words on index cards, shuffle them & pick 2-3. Now write a poem. In my case? I’m choosing my words, to reflect a blogger obsessed w/ tea & breath 😏.

So here’s today’s poem:

Untitled (so far) ~

This afternoon was dragon mug
with hot tea redolent of flowers
rose hibiscus chamomile
the colour of the garnet locket
you gave me so many years ago.

It’s long since lost
like so many of the gifts we shared
a rug a spoon a book of dreams
while the train we caught
the wings that bore us across deserts
those remain like your breath
caught in my hair as I hold tight
to what defies time and age
our fragile life together

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