Poetry Marathon is here!

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Today is the Poetry Marathon! If you don’t know the Poetry Marathon, I’m so sorry! It’s amazing. This will be my sixth year, although not my sixth marathon (I missed a couple…🙁).

So today, in honour of the half-marathon (I’m a lightweight — I’m only doing 12 poems in 12 hours, not the full 24 in 24!), I’m posting my poems as I write them, sans editing, fresh from the … oven? Brainpan? Heart? Where do poems come from… Another time we’ll discuss this. But today? Half-baked poems!

Here’s poem #1:

Prompt #1 Influential woman ~

Once upon a time

I had a fairy godmother.

She rescued me, but I was never

a princess. From my anger she wove

resolve. Despair became strength.

Her wings were a jet plane’s:

She rode with me to loneliness

then sent me home to heal.

Once home, I waited for her return.

Round of visage, clear of gaze,

she forged for me a lens

through which unhappiness

became only a tree branch in the road.

Once upon a time I knew a fairy

who led me through the desert

home. Sometimes I remember

but memory is like fairies ~ ephemeral

And wings are only dreams like mist

that fade in morning light. But I am home

and the music of the north country

sometimes fills the air. Like fairy wings.

Published by: Britton Gildersleeve

Writer Britton Gildersleeve grew up in Southeast Asia, moved to the Middle East when she married, and returned to Oklahoma to raise her two sons. Now that they're grown, she and her beloved live in Virginia, where she can be closer to sons, daughter-in-law, & grandsons. Sometimes she hears voices, so she writes ~ And she drinks a lot of tea.

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