poetry marathon #5: ekphrastic poem from picture

haibun in the time of plague ~

(a haibun is Japanese form that marries a haiku with prose)

fall light fills the dinghy

water burnished gold shimmers

lightfall a road home

across the water, autumn sun lays a path I can follow somewhere else, somewhere outside this time of plague & hate & death & grief. at the golden bridge that spans earth & stars & water, light cleanses me. returns me as if reborn, a clear point of light in a sea of sky ~

Published by: Britton Gildersleeve

Writer Britton Gildersleeve grew up in Southeast Asia, moved to the Middle East when she married, and returned to Oklahoma to raise her two sons. Now that they're grown, she and her beloved live in Virginia, where she can be closer to sons, daughter-in-law, & grandsons. Sometimes she hears voices, so she writes ~ And she drinks a lot of tea.

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