of isolation, reflection, and the plague ~

This is the second week of our self-imposed quarantine, of sorts. The governor of Virginia – where we live – has closed all k-12 schools. The university where my son & DIL work is closed, moving to online classes only. And the governor has also asked that all gatherings of more than 50 people be cancelled. At least in to next month…

Wow. I don’t remember this sombre a public health event in my lifetime. Even in my childhood overseas, the ‘epidemics’ we saw were mostly controlled by vaccines and other elements of privilege. Typhus, typhoid, even cholera (all of which I remember vividly, as medical bogeymen) were nowhere near as terrifying as the daily news these days.

Instead of looking at this as I did initially – with terror, loathing, and absolute incomprehension of how we ended up here – I’m trying to see it as an enforced staycation, minus much interaction w/ anyone other than the birds outside, and my beloved on the sofa beside me. That’s helped, but to be honest, not enough. Blue is my colour these days!

My younger grandson has a fever. We haven’t seen him in a week, and just hope it’s something normal, nothing horrible. Both flu and allergies are very bad this winter, my beloved’s pulmonologist says. So perhaps it’s not the plague we all fear.

Outside, blackbirds wheel & light, and a single vulture circles the flat grey sky. In the bare tree branches, more blackbirds watch. It’s been cold until lately, and they’re hungry for the sunflower seed harvested in warmer weather. A mockingbird (possibly my favourite bird, Okie that I am!) has come to visit several days running, sitting on the arc of the bird feeder and talking to our finial (a metal black bird). It’s hilarious, and just what I need. 

Yesterday was a day when caffeine seemed the wrong choice, so I made some ‘Relaxing Tea,’ a lovely blend of “organic cinnamon bark, organic roasted chicory root, organic ginger root, organic cardamom, organic nutmeg and organic liquorice root.” Like a non-caffeinated chai. I added milk, some Demerara sugar, put a couple of cookies on my saucer, and was just fine.

So here’s what I’m recommending for today: make a pot of your favourite tea. Sit where you can look outside (preferably at birds!). Better yet, if you’re able (& willing), go outside! Drink your tea and try to remember that wise Buddhist mantra: clouds come, clouds go…but the sky remains

Stay safe ~

2 thoughts on “of isolation, reflection, and the plague ~”

  1. Thank you Britton. Love the picture. I have been digging holes, planting, walking and reading. And, of course, drinking tea and eating chocolate.


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