Book Review ~ Barbara Rockman’s ‘to cleave’

Another pass-it-on from my work at Nimrod: an earlier review of Barbara Rockman’s collection to cleave. Rockman’s work is lyric as well as substantive: she writes with equal observation about birds, hands, and a marriage of years.

Here you’ll find a lovely respite from today’s politics, tomorrow’s worries, yesterday’s guilt. Enjoy! (I certainly did.)

Published by: Britton Gildersleeve

Writer Britton Gildersleeve grew up in Southeast Asia, moved to the Middle East when she married, and returned to Oklahoma to raise her two sons. Now that they're grown, she and her beloved live in Virginia, where she can be closer to sons, daughter-in-law, & grandsons. Sometimes she hears voices, so she writes ~ And she drinks a lot of tea.

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