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Latest from the Blog

A sonnet for my mother ~

This week, coming up to Mother’s Day, I’ve been reading poems on and about mothers. Forgetting that I’ve written several myself, for my own mother. Many address her gradual spiral into the darkness of Alzheimer’s, but this one less so. Instead? It’s an ode to her love of sweet Southern tea, iced or hot, with … Continue reading A sonnet for my mother ~

Tea, & Beginner’s Heart ~

I sometimes (actually, often!) hear my friends, colleagues, & acquaintances say they don’t know what they want when I offer them tea. Oh, I’ll just have what you’re having, they answer a query about what they’d like. I really don’t know anything about tea… Intimidated by what they think I know about tea, my friends revert to the … Continue reading Tea, & Beginner’s Heart ~

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